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Syndrome X: The Silent Killer: Dr. Gerald Reaven’s Diet Helps Insulin Resistance

Heart disease in the number one way Americans die. According to Dr. Gerald Reaven, the Stanford University doctor who discovered Syndrome X, there is a metabolic disorder that contributes to heart disease, but gets little attention.

What is Syndrome X?

Syndrome X is a metabolic disorder that is rarely diagnosed by doctors. It is a combination of problems that may cause heart attacks when your body isn’t able to regulate sugar properly. Carbs are the enemy and the cause of failure of insulin. The body becomes resistant to the insulin and stops functioning right.

Diagnosis for Syndrome X

Because it isn’t widely known, most people are not aware that they have Syndrome X. Doctors only worsen the problem with diets that don’t work to fix the insulin issue. Half of the time, it is the genes that are responsible for Syndrome X. Obesity and lifestyle choices also contribute to the metabolic disorder.

The Cure for Syndrome X

There are some basic changes people can make on their own to improve the problems associated with Syndrome X. While no medications are necessary, you can assume responsibility for your own lifestyle, get physically fit, avoid caffeine and alcohol and watch your diet.

6 Step Plan

  1. Get diagnosed
  2. Follow the Syndrome X diet
  3. Lose weight
  4. Get physically active
  5. Create healthy lifestyle habits
  6. Get medical attention

The Syndrome X Diet

The diet Dr. Reaven developed consists of 15% protein, 40% fat and 45% carbs. His book, Syndrome X, The Silent Killer, prescribes meal plans for 1200 and 1800 calories.

Unsaturated fats are not responsible for raising cholesterol, so they are safe to eat. Remember that not all fats are the same, though, and refrain from eating binge-type foods that will hinder your progress.

Syndrome X: The Silent Killer is a weight loss book that takes a very scientific approach to health and insulin control. Dr. Reavan’s research on insulin resistance and weight loss has been tested and has shown positive results in reducing cholesterol and lessening the risk of heart disease. The book is a useful tool for anyone who struggles with fad diets and still can’t lose weight.

Syndrome X: The Silent Killer is filled with very detailed daily food plans that tell you exactly what and how much to eat. It also discussed the effects of alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes when combined with Syndrome X.

By eating few calories, including more healthy fats in your diet, loweing your cholesterol, exercising regularly and losing weight, you can control Syndrome X and prevent heart disease. Syndrome X: The Silent Killer tells you exactly how to do this.